Katie does Emotional Roadshow: Part 3 – Berlin

Three things everyone that has been to a Twenty One Pilots show will understand:

1. Finding the confetti from the Trees finale everywhere for at least 3 months after the concert. I deadass just went for a wee and found red confetti in my pants.

2. Can you rap the entirety of HeavyDirtySoul? No. Are you damn well going to try anyway, probably embarassing yourself and almost passing out from lack of oxygen in the process? Hell yes.

3. Finding yourself practically begging to be run over by a grown man in a giant hamster ball.

All three of these things happened to me at the show in Berlin, which was one of the best experiences of my life.

As soon as I arrived in Berlin I checked into our hostel and took my first and only shower of the entire week. And even then, I couldn’t wash my hair, had to use shampoo as body wash and I used a t-shirt for a towel so im not even sure it counts. This is the real tour life. I bet Tyler and Josh dont have to deal with this shit in their fancy ass tour buses.

Jack arrived not long after me and we headed out into the city.

The weather wasn’t great, but we went to Potsdamer Platz and saw part of the Berlin wall before getting something to eat.

We started lining up for the show the next day, which was the day before the show. Meaning we were freezing our assess off outside the Max-Schmeling Halle for a good 34 hours. Clearly, I must hate myself because why else would I do this to myself?

We were first in line along with a girl called Pia, and were then later joined by the very amazing Kora, Zuzanna, Charlie, Karina and Sarah and it was just us for a while which was actually so nice. The day passed so quickly. A woman called Judith that worked at the venue was so nice to us too, though I think she was pretty convinced we were crazy. She let us come inside to warm up and took a really hideous picture of us for their facebook page… I look like the poster child for juvenile heroin addiction.

Jack also built us a magnificent display of DIY and we had home for the next 30 or so hours…

Jodie, the love of my life, arrived with others at midnight and I ended up spending the show with these lovely, lovely people.

The day of the show was spent singing very dramatic renditions of Disney classics, eating a copious amount of fries at McDonalds in order to get the free wifi and getting rained on. A lot.

It continued to rain throughout pretty much the entire day, right up until doors, which was always going to be hell. Believe me when I say that there is no hell like the hell of the final two hours before concert doors. You’re there freezing your ass off because you had to remove all your layers before the show, your blood has literally turned to ice and the anxiety is unreal. Especially in europe. Because, as I mentioned, there’s no queueing. There is just The Crush. And being at the front of a crowd of thousands of  people all desperately waiting to charge through the same three doors as fast as they can into the venue, is terrifying. I mean seriously. In Berlin I got shoved into the security guy checking tickets so hard on the stairs we both nearly fell down them.

We all ended up at barrier though, and I couldn’t have been with a nicer group of people. I’ve said it before, but I really have been overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone around me at these shows and I feel so lucky to have made such amazing friends.The fact that we were all brought together through this one band and their music is really kind of special, and these are friendships I intend to keep for a very long time.

Do I even need to talk about how amazing the show was? You guys know this. But, just for the record, it was pretty amazing.

They also played the Jump Around cover which I have wanted to see live for ever. The second Josh whipped out that trumpet I was On It. So, so much fun.

But the best moment by far, was when Jodie did the Stressed Out handshake with Josh on stage.

Tyler is so sneaky, he deadass saw Jodie’s sign saying “handshake??” Before asking the crowd elusively if anyone knew the handshake before finally going to Jodie “oh you know the handshake??” And got her up on stage in front of 8,000 people to do it with Josh.

She smashed it.She really did. And all of us at barrier were cheering for her so hard, it was amazing.

Afterwards, Josh gave Jodie a drumstick and don’t tell her I told you this, but later on that night she fell asleep holding it.

The show itself was actually super emotional for me. I don’t know why, but as soon as Tyler played the first chords of Car Radio I was gone. I was a mess. What an embarassment I am.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about how far both me and this band have come over the past couple of years. In 2015 they were still playing 200 capacity venues and now they are selling out arenas across the world. And honestly, I don’t know a band that deserves this success more.

Fans always want to believe that their favourite band mean everything they say and that they’re genuine in everything they do, but too often that’s not the case.

With Josh and Tyler, I can confidently say it is. And it is their integrity and their honesty and the intensity of the connection between them and us that this success has stemmed from. And, of course, the fact that they make damn good music.

So, thank you Berlin and everyone that helped make it such an amazing experience. I can’t thank everyone I queued with enough.

Next stop is Prague, so until then

K x

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