Katie does Emotional Roadshow: Part 4 – I slept ?? In a bed ??

This is me contemplating the 10 hour sleep I just had in an actual bed and realising that I will never take a sleep that is not on the cold, hard pavement outside the Tipsport Arena for granted again.

So, I’m back in Manchester for a couple of days. I figured I should at least go to a couple of lectures, eat something of actual nutritional value and maybe take a shower or something. It was the best shower of my entire life, just by the way.

But back in Manchester means back to reality. And I don’t like it. It doesn’t make sense.

Why am I not being pushed against a barrier? Why am I not covered in sweat? Why am I not freezing cold on the streets of a foreign land? Where is Tyler? Where is Joshua?

I don’t understand. This is not where I belong.

As much as I miss tour life, though, the rest was seriously needed. Getting home from Prague was a struggle to say the least. I could barely keep my eyes open in the airport, I was really feverish and generally just ready for the sweet embrace of death.

Not really surprising though, as by that point it had literally been 4 days since I had last slept.

I made it home, though. And now I have three articles to write, two essays and an exam to revise for all before the London shows this weekend…

All I’m saying is that if I end up failing my degree and being unable to get a job because of all this, Twenty One Pilots better offer me a position as cheif coffee runner or something. After all, I am basically single-handedly funding their electricity bills.

I’m kidding, mum, dad. I’m not going to fail my degree. Please don’t call the police.

So, as I said, Emo Roadshow continues for me in London this weekend and I am extremely excited. Between now and then my post on Prague – which was the best show of the tour so far – will be up so keep an eye out!

Thank you, as always, for reading.

K x

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