Katie does Emotional Roadshow: Part 5 – Prague

It’s been a little while since Prague, but I think about that show a lot. It was one of my absolute favourites; the city itself was beautiful, the people I met were the loveliest and the show was one I will never forget.

I was completely exhausted on my way from Berlin to Prague, but it was worth staying awake to watch the sun rise over the city from the coach as we made our way across countries.

When I got to Prague I got changed, washed and put some make up on in the station toilets. I got judged so hard but I paid 20 crowns to use that bathroom so I was going to get my moneys worth.

Finally presentable and looking slightly less on the verge of death, I headed out into the city.

It was so beautiful, full of old buildings and churches and the most incredible architecture.

The first place I went was to a market, where tiny stalls were selling all kinds of things, from the most amazing smelling food to hand-crafted furniture. I got some hot, spiced apple juice as I walked around and it was delicious.

After that I headed to a place called Old Town which was stunning. If you ever get a chance to go, please do.

Prague is wild though. You have Old Town, this extremely historical place and yet there are¬†cocaine energy drinks and cannabis vodka and… a sex machine museum. No kidding. It’s like right on one of the main streets and you cannot miss it. When I first walked past it, innocent old me was like ‘oh cute, a model ferris wheel’… IT WAS NOT A FERRIS WHEEL. I REPEAT, NOT A FERRIS WHEEL. ABORT MISSION.

After that traumatising experience, amd wandering around Prague being a tourist for a few hours, I decided to head to the venue and oh boy, it was a treck. All I can say is thank God for Google Maps because without it, I would probably still be wandering around the Czech Republic now.

I was the first one at the venue, which I couldn’t believe as it was 6pm the night before the show (writing that down makes me realise just how ridiculous that actually is) but after wandering around the Tipsport arena for about half an hour I realised I was in fact the first. And it was just me and my German buscuits for about an hour until Pia arrived.

Pia is the girl I met in Berlin, and I was so glad to be with her again in Prague. We were joined by some really lovely people and we formed the nicest group including Baru and George and Lizzie – who was from Leeds, which was kind of surreal!

The queue was actually a lot of fun. Very cold during the night and Pia totally saved my life by letting me stay at her hotel for a couple of hours. I’ve relied so much on the generosity and kindess of others on this tour and it never fails to surprise me just how lovely people can be.

After a lot of vending machine coffee, the biggest pizza I have ever seen and a whole lot of laughter the time in line passed by really quickly.

Getting into the venue was insane – the barriers were opened and people just charged so that both people and barriers fell down. Luckily we were all at the front so we avoided the crush, and we all made it to centre barrier too.

I get asked a lot why barrier means so much to me, and honestly I don’t even know that I can properly answer that question. I mean yes, you can both see and breathe better. But it’s obviously more than that. I guess it’s got something to do with being so close to and seen by the band on stage… That connection with them is like nothing else in the world.

The Prague show felt especially like that – Tyler made so much eye contact and he smiled at us so big and it felt super special.

Both Josh and Tyler blew me away with that show. They did the full setlist minus Migraine and it seemed to go on forever, but I’m not complaining! Even the security guards in the venue kept turning aeound to watch the show behind them. Tyler would tell them to turn around, but he looked so happy about it. I mean, how often does that happen, really?

It was also the first time I got to see the medley and Ode To Sleep live which was insane. Ode To sleep is one of my favourite songs of all time and the medley includes some of the most important songs to me, so it was pretty special. I’m so glad they still play songs from their self-titled album, it’s an actual masterpiece and in a way it reminds me of how human they are… but maybe that sounds weird.

After the show I got a taxi to the airport and hung out there until my flight. By that point though, I was not feeling good. I could barely keep my eyes open and I was really ill. I don’t even know how I made it onto my flight, but evidently I did. Honestly, I didn’t even know that level of tired was possible. Once again though, vending machine coffee saved me.

Look at it. This is the greatest technological advancement of the modern age hands down.

I miss Prague, a whole lot. Like I said, I really will never forget that show. Thank you so much to Josh and Tyler and their crew and Pia and Lizzie and Baru and Rebekah and all of you for making it so wonderful.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in London,

K x

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