Katie does Emotional Roadshow: Part 7 – London Night 2

The plan had been to immediately start queueing for the Sunday show after the Friday one, but I was such a mess there was no way I could spend another night in the cold without at least taking a nap in an actual bed.

I had queued for about half an hour with my friends before I knew I had to leave, I was too ill to go without sleep again. So I attempted to book a hostel for the night – attempted being the operable word. I never managed to book anywhere because I couldnt understand why nowhere was letting me book for October, not realising that it was in fact the middle of November. That is how exhausted I was.

By the time I realised my mistake however, I had already made arrangements to go down to my mum’s house in Oxfordshire for a nap and a shower.

I literally do not deserve my mum because I just turned up at 4 in the morning for a nap, and she cooked me baked beans and gave me £10. What a woman.

I accidentally slept longer than I wanted to, so I rushed back to London as fast as I could and returned to our Gazebo of Suffering.

No, actually it was a really fun night which involved a lot of meme re-making, singing and these idiots actually trying to do their longest yeah boy.

Other things that happened, which can only happen in a Twenty One Pilots queue included:

  • Being woken up at 5am by someone playing Ode To Sleep on a kazoo
  • Hearing the words “I’m going to take that ukulele and shove it up their ass” several times on several different occasions
  • Someone saying “I just really want Tyler and Josh to hit me with their tour bus” and half the queue turning around to say “same”
  • Someone whips out the black paint and suddenly 50% of people have black hands and neck
  • Goner starts playing and everyone screams “NO!”
  • Jack starts dancing and we all pretend that we have no idea who the strange Australian guy that just slut-dropped to Stressed Out is.
  • “Who on earth brought a shower curtain?!” “OH, that’s Pete’s bed!”

It was an interesting time.

As well as being surrounded by my friends, I met a lot of really wonderful people in the queue at Ally Pally too. Olivia and Hayley had flown all the way over from America, and I met El and Gina who were lovely, plus Zuzanna and Karina from the Berlin show were there too.

One of the greatest moments though, was watching the sun rise over London on Sunday morning. Who knew London could look so beautiful?

Getting into the venue for night 2 was a bit of a mess, but I spent the show with Katya and Joey who made it so much fun for me. They are the comedy duo to end all comedy duos.

It was a great show, though as it was a Sunday the crowd seemed a bit younger that time around and a lot more people got taken out of the crowd. A few people even threw up in the pit which I hadn’t ever seen before. Just be careful if you’re going to queue up for a while; drink plenty of water throughout the day and don’t forget to eat. And please don’t go into the middle of the pit if you don’t think you can handle it. You’ll have a much better time seeing the show further back than you will from the sidelines, having just been dragged ass over tit across the barrier. Believe me, been there, done that.

For this show, I made sure to not film or take any photos through the entire set, only getting my phone out to film Tyler’s Trees speech at the end. And it was so much fun, just being in the moment. There isn’t anything sadder than seeing 10,000 people all stood there filming, rather than jumping with their arms up during a song like Car Radio. Taking a few photos and videos is cool, but don’t waste that moment by standing there filming just so you can add it to YouTube later. That moment doesn’t matter nearly as much to anyone else as it does to you, so live it. I realise the irony of me saying this in a blog post designed to include others in my experience, but I still made sure that I was as involved in every one of those shows as I possibly could be. Not to mention, it probably doesn’t feel great to look out from the stage and see a crowd of phones rather than a crowd of passionate faces.

i stole this picture from ellie pls dont sue me ily

So yeah, London was pretty wild. Thank you to everyone that made it the greatest experience ever. I miss you all so much. You’re the greatest people I know and I am so lucky to have you.

Until Belgium,

K x

2 thoughts on “Katie does Emotional Roadshow: Part 7 – London Night 2

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I love reading ur stuff soooo freaking much. Can’t wait for your next entry.
    Keep going! 🙂


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