Katie does Emotional Roadshow: Part 9 – Paris

Paris was the last show of the tour. And even though I hadn’t slept in days, hadn’t showered in over a week and honestly felt like I was dying, I really, really didn’t want it to be over.

I honestly don’t even remember much of the journey from Brussels to Paris. I just know that me, Cora, Emma and Jack got on a bus and four hours later we were in France.

By this point, I was starting to get kind of grumpy. The sleep deprivation had definitely got to me. But we went to a cafe and we got coffee and French croissants and after that I was okay again. I was ready for one more day.

However, my essay deadline was also that day. I’d been finishing up my essay on the bus ride over, and then as the others all joined the queue I had to Uber it into central Paris to find an internet cafe so I could actually upload it.

Sidenote: Ubers are really fancy in Paris, they all drive Mercedes and wear suits like wtf

Other, more important sidenote: Don’t follow a band across the continent during your final and most important year of university.

So I found an internet cafe and somehow managed to navigate my way through French Google to get up Turnitin and got my essay uploaded. I have never felt so relieved.

I got myself some quiche with like half a broccoli in it to celebrate and let me tell you, it was damn good.

I rejoined the others in the queue after that. Jodie, Dany and Chloe were already there and it was so nice seeing them again. I’d already decided I wanted to do B stage, where Josh and Tyler perform Ode To Sleep and the medley, that show so I wasn’t that worried about being near the front.

It was a pretty typical day of queueing, really; we ate pizza, we got cold, Mark from ReelBearMedia filmed us all (if this footage ever emerges online anywhere I’m doomed because by this point I’d been sleeping on the street for weeks and any hope of make up improving my face had now been abandoned) and Jack dancing got put on French TV.

A pretty surreal thing happened though. This French girl called Zoe came up to me in the line to tell me how much she loved my blog! I had a couple of people I didn’t know in Berlin tell me they read it too. That was a pretty cool moment. It’s nice to know anyone reads these posts, let alone people in different countries.

As it was the last show of the tour I also said a pretty emotional goodbye to Peter. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Peter before but basically he’s from Bristol and he works with the band. I met him in a bar in Berlin and we got chatting and since then we’ve said hey to each other and had a bit of a chat at each show. Great guy, Peter. And he gives me some nice info on the TOP boys… Anyway, he gave me a big hug to say bye. Gonna miss that guy.

Me, Emma and Cora got to B stage and we were lucky that it wasn’t that far from the main stage either so we could see the entire show perfectly.

It was actually really cool to experience a Twenty One Pilots show from the back for once. I finally got to appreciate the incredible lighting and effects that go into it. They’re just two guys but god they put on a show.

When Tyler and Josh came to the B Stage it was amazing. It was kind of like for those 15 minutes I was back at an old show; tiny stage, songs from Vessel and the self-titled record… Josh and Tyler even brought out the skeleton hoodies.

It was beautiful. As much as I love all the effects that go into the shows, some of my favourite moments are when it’s just the two of them, a drum kit and a piano.

After the show, we regrouped, we hugged and we got emotional for a little while and then me and Cora went back to our Hostel and crashed. I don’t think I have ever slept as well as I did that night.

The next day we had a bit of time to be tourists, so me and Cora headed straight to the Eiffel Tower, of course. We were lucky, it was a beautiful day and the Eiffel tower itself is pretty impressive.

We met up with Emma, Jodie, Chloe and Dany there.

We had all really wanted to get tattoos together, but all of us except Emma decided against it, so the rest of us went with her as she got her tattoo instead, which was still pretty cool.

We then went to a bakery and bought French Baguettes because to be quite honest that was the only reason me and Cora even went to Paris. They did not disappoint.

We wandered for a little bit and got food at a cute Parisian cafe. It was such a nice day.

Unfortunately, we accidentally booked our flights from an airport on the other side of Paris so we had a really long journey involving French trains and French buses… I dont know how we did it, but we did it.

I did it. I got on that flight from Paris to Manchester and that was it – the last step of the journey. Tour had ended.

Every day since then has truthfully kind of sucked. It’s hard not to feel down when your day no longer consists of adventuring in foreign countries and seeing your favourite band, but staring into The Void that is your future. I also developed a pretty awful case of flu which made getting back into a routine even more difficult.

But I am so glad I did it. I truly had the greatest experience of my life. And I proved that I could do it. I budgeted efficiently, I navigated my way through foreign cities, I travelled across countries and I met so many wonderful people.

I cant thank everyone enough for making this tour such an amazing time for me.

But most importantly, I guess, thank you to Tyler and Josh. They killed it every single night. And they’re the ones really that gave me this experience and gave me these friends and gave me the ability to have these opportunities. And all I really have to say is… I’m so fucking glad I stuck around for all of this.

K x

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