The Giraffe Centre – Nairobi, Kenya

On our very first day in Kenya, before we had slept or showered or anything, me and Em hopped in a taxi to the Nairobi Giraffe Center, which turned out to be the best start to our African adventure.

About 30-40 minutes outside of Nairobi city centre and right beside the Nairobi National Park, the Giraffe Centre is a small but wonderful highlight of any trip to Kenya.

It costs $10 to enter, and immediately upon arrival you can see the giraffes craning their iconically long necks and surprisingly long tongues to take food from the many visitors gazing up at the beautiful creatures infront of them.

Seeing a giraffe so close is crazy. I have to admit upfront they do become slightly¬† less regal African creature and more Madagascar Melman, but that doesn’t make them any less incredible to see.

The people working at the center hand out pellets for you to feed the giraffes with and encourage you to try their famous “giraffe kiss” by putting a pellet between your lips and gently letting the giraffe take it with its tongue. Very cool and very sloppy, but hey it was the most action I’ve had in months so I’m not complaining.

As well as the ground area, there is a viewing platform you can go up to get even closer to the giraffes. There is also a small room full of information about the center and what they do.
Warthogs, or “pumbas”, can also be spotted rolling around in the dust paying much less attention to the visitors and there was also a 10 day old baby giraffe at the center when we visited! So, so cute.

We had such a good time at the giraffe centre and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone that spends a bit of time in Kenya.

Our trip throughout Africa so far has been crazy and amazing and I can’t wait to write and tell you all about it – and show you Em’s photos! However wifi is super limited so sorry for delays in posting.

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Nairobi or the giraffe centre, or if you would like to go! Happy to offer any advice at all!

3 thoughts on “The Giraffe Centre – Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Loving this blog!! I went to Nairobi a few years back due to my fathers work. We visited the Elephant Sanctuary and saw beautiful baby elephants running to get their food! We also went on a safari!! It was such an amazing experience and beautiful country!! Enjoy your trip!! It just looks absolutely amazing!! X


    1. Thank you so much!! Ah I wish we had been able to visit the elephants, it looks amazing! I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip, it really is the most beautiful place! Thanks so much for reading x


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