What we’re listening to on the road

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), Shakira – This played all the time when we were in Africa and honestly, I never appreciated Shakira enough until then. What a song.

Nwa Baby, Flavour – okay honestly, aside from sawa sawa sawale I have no idea what the lyrics to this song are. Pretty sure they’re dirty though. John and Patrick played this all the time in the Lando and had a full on dance routine to go with it which was just… incredible.

The Lion King soundtrack – particularly I Just Can’t Wait to be King, Hakuna Matata and Circle of Life. Largely because of the African memories, but also because what a soundtrack. I haven’t stopped wanting to watch this movie since we entered Africa. Also a 10/10 song choice for group sing-alongs on long journeys.

Sign of the Times, Harry Styles – Absolutely perfect for all of those nostalgic moments when it’s late, you’re on the road or you’re under a blanket of stars and you’re missing a particular time, or person, or feeling. I am continually surprised at how good this song is.

Watsky – George Watsky has been on my playlist forever, but I just cannot get enough of his high-speed rapping, nuanced wit, visceral honesty and fucking excellent music. Listen to Watsky.

Muse – I rediscovered my love for Muse after seeing them at Reading Festival this year and what a perfect addition to literally any playlist for any time. Parties on the beach – sorted, long drives – absolutely, in need of cheering up – you know Starlight is going to fix everything.

Halsey – again, I have been listening to Halsey’s two albums since her debut was released and I can’t get enough. There is something so perfectly atmospheric about her silky vocals and slightly grungy sound that can really make certain moments while you’re travelling.

Barns Courtney – I’ve only just got into these guys but I’m loving their sound. The kind of band where I get excited every time one of their songs comes on shuffle.

Robbie Williams – but only the older, more contemplative stuff like Come Undone, Advertising Space and Morning Sun. Morning Sun especially is perfect for indulging yourself during more mellow moments on the road, or just on a walk by yourself when you’ve got a lot to think through.

Jon Bellion – I love how unique Jon’s sound is, it’s unlike anything else I listen to. Really funky, makes me want to sing loud. Perfect for casual drinks.

You Me at Six – if you know me, you know I fucking love this band. I talk about them all the time and honestly, if I hadn’t included a good taster of their entire discography on this playlist, it would have been incomplete.

Very Rarely Say Die, Sunset Sons – this entire album is the perfect travel soundtrack with their beachy vibes and Rory’s smooth vocals. Also lyrically, Somewhere Maybe and On The Road are perfect for capturing that travel feeling.

Moana Soundtrack – apart from the fact that this soundtrack trumps Frozen undeniably, nothing makes me want to be on an adventure more than How Far I’ll Go. Also You’re Welcome is an absolute banger.

American Candy, The Maine – the opening track on this album, Miles Away is the perfect sunny day Road trip song. And Another Night on Mars captures exactly how it feels to be lying under the stars on a beach with your best friends.

Castle on The Hill, Ed Sheeran – ignoring how over-played this song is, I still get weirdly emotional when I hear the chorus. Mostly because it makes me want to run towards something, or away from it, I’m not entirely sure.

Danger Days, My Chemical Romance – Way back when this album came out, every time I listened to it and the way it perfectly envisions the whole ray guns and racing through apocalyptic desert thing, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to be doing. Play this in the car, roof down (or windows open) with the sun blazing down on you and the dust from the road smoking after your wheels and you will know what this album was made for.

I’m Born to run, American Authors – Em actually got me into this song and we would play it in her car in the weeks leading up to this trip. Perfect song for travelling and that feeling of running forwards with no real plan whatsoever but knowing its all gonna be okay anyway.

JCB, Nizlopi – What a fucking song. Any playlist without this is wasted.

That is just a few of the songs that made it onto my travel playlist, which I am constantly updating (and which may or may not contain the odd High School Musical track or two). 

If you want to check out the whole thing it’s on my Spotify here https://open.spotify.com/user/justkatie17/playlist/31KEU01AORz8Zr5eAPQiCP?si=Hjoecn0nR8Wfxfxwu_cdlA 

What are you guys listening to at the moment? Do you have any travel go-to songs? Let me know because I am ALWAYS looking for new music!

As always, thanks for reading! 


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